Build understanding, create value and manage risk
Build understanding, create value and manage risk

Corporate Change Counsel

Corporate Change Counsel

We are a specialist team of senior consultants who help businesses and investors manage and communicate change at a strategic and operational level.

From protecting hard-won reputations and managing transformative events to shaping corporate narratives and fully embracing digital opportunities, we aid decision making and help build and protect stakeholder value.

In an age of closer brand scrutiny; informed, empowered and interconnected stakeholders and digitally-enabled word of mouth activism, we believe sustainable trust and advocacy can only be built through intelligent influence.

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Our specialisms

We provide strategic advice and services to businesses which are looking to manage change.

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Corporate Change Counsel - Reputation management & issue diligence
Reputation & issue diligence
Measuring, understanding and protecting reputation is increasingly critical for businesses and investors, particularly with the speed that issues can now emerge, evolve and erode value.

We use sophisticated approaches to monitor and analyse stakeholder perception and convert the findings into actionable intelligence to support decision making at all levels.

This detailed insight can be used to identify and protect against risk, demonstrate the value of reputation and create competitive advantage by anticipating and responding to changing market dynamics.

Corporate Change Counsel - Brand building and shaping perceptions
Corporate brand building
It’s often challenging to ensure the essence of what a company stands for is closely aligned with both its communications and the perceptions held by key stakeholders.

We help management to distil and articulate their core corporate vision and values in a clear, credible and authentic way. Then we ensure it is adopted and cascaded consistently across all communication channels and that it has measurable impact on internal and external perceptions.

This strategic positioning often focuses on factors such as product and markets, competitive differentiators, sustainable growth plans, internationalisation, social purpose, responsible business practice and creating a strong employer brand.

Corporate Change Counsel-Communicating change
Communicating change
Significant change events are often the trigger point for opinions to be formed, revised and shared. Consequently, maintaining close control over process, content and channels is essential.

We help management to plan and manage pan-stakeholder communications around a wide range of events such as mergers and acquisitions, internal re-structuring and regulatory and legislative change.

This includes establishing stakeholder dialogues, strategic message planning, scripting audience specific communications, managing the flow of information, co-ordinating announcements and monitoring feedback and sentiment.

Corporate Change Counsel - Corporate communications specialists
Corporate communications
Corporate communications should support commercial strategy by establishing a narrative that builds stakeholder awareness, understanding and confidence around a business’ model, management, market and values.

We highlight commercial performance, leadership, innovation and new market opportunities to create an influential halo effect which ultimately supports sales, M&A strategy, talent recruitment and retention and fundraising.

This is achieved through a sustained programme of corporate and financial news, management and talent profiling, industry thought leadership, networking and securing valuable 3rd party endorsement.

Corporate Change Counsel-Crisis & issues management specialists
Crisis & issues management
Communications risk management has rightly become a major focus for many companies as the impact of a crisis on the intangible assets of brand and reputation can be catastrophic.

We work in partnership with internal functions to conduct risk audits and crisis preparedness reports. These reassure management that the business is focused on potential reputational threats and that it has the strategies, policies, protocols and processes in place to respond rapidly and mitigate their impact.

When an issue emerges or a crisis strikes, we also provide a full suite of monitoring, and proactive and reactive communications support including a 24/7 press office function and spokesperson training.

Corporate Change Counsel - Driving digital adoption
Driving digital adoption
Digital innovation is proving to be a key value driver in businesses which understand what technology to adopt and how to adapt it suit their market and model.

We help management to identify and embed appropriate digital platforms and tools which deliver wide ranging benefits including driving efficiency in existing processes, targeting new customers and markets, building loyalty though enhanced experience and creating deeper stakeholder engagement.

From delivering audits and implementation plans to designing and developing new platforms, we ensure digital integrates effectively with existing operations and sales and marketing functions.