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Transform marketing

3c PR is a boutique strategic communications consultancy supporting innovative organisations and challenging briefs.

We deliver integrated, measurable campaigns that span PR, digital and marketing disciplines.

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We focus on three key areas to consistently achieve maximum impact for your business and brand.

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Combine insight, creativity and strategic thinking to achieve your objectives efficiently and effectively.

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Craft quality, targeted content that attracts new audiences and deepens existing stakeholder relationships.

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Create omni-channel campaigns delivering maximum reach, engagement and impact.


We use marketing communications to help clients drive growth, attract investment and effectively manage change.

3c PR provides senior support to innovative organisations aligned to wider economic, political and societal trends.

Our proven track record of delivery spans FTSE-listed corporates and private equity investors through to high-growth SMEs, public sector organisations and charities.


We ensure marketing communications makes your organisation more visible, relevant and engaging.

3c PR specialises in managing organisational change, shaping corporate narratives and fully embracing integrated marketing communications.

Our highly experienced professionals deliver the clarity, consistency and professionalism needed to build and protect stakeholder value.

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Change communications & engagement

- Effectively manage pan-stakeholder communications around complex change events.

- Develop strategies for diverse scenarios (e.g. M&A, internal re-organisation, technology transformation/adoption, regulatory change).

- Provide internal comms team with specialist insight, capabilities and additional capacity.

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Marketing transformation

- Introduce integration, automation, attribution and scalable professionalised processes.

- Enhance strategic marketing, creative campaigning and content generation capabilities.

- Ensure best practice and knowledge transfer through blended teaming.

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Corporate profile

- Articulate a compelling, differentiated proposition and corporate brand narrative.

- Evidence success and enhance perception of value in line with investment and exit strategy.

- Establish a genuine thought leadership position for spokespeople and the organisation.

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Social impact

- Build awareness and protect credibility through profile raising and reputation management.

- Adopt best practice approaches to fundraising and governance.

- Enhance service delivery by facilitating stakeholder engagement, co-design and collaboration.


We deliver targeted strategies that help you build awareness, understanding and engagement with key stakeholders.

3c PR help clients align their propositions, messaging and output to relevant trends and audience interests.

Our multi-discipline campaigns activate insightful, engaging content across marketing and communications channels.

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Media relations

Gain valuable profile and online visibility by forging relationships with gatekeepers in traditional and digital media outlets.

3c PR’s support ensures news, comment and profiling opportunities are optimised and delivered in a timely, professional manner.

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High-value content

Increase visibility, credibility and authority amongst target audiences by harnessing your subject matter expertise to create stand-out content.

Our support includes the production and promotion of case studies, research reports, guides, white papers, technical articles and opinion pieces.

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Drive growth by designing, building and maintaining platforms optimised for inbound/outbound marketing, lead nurturing and customer relationship management.

3c PR’s support spans website development, organic SEO content, targeted e-shot programmes, PPC advertising and organic/paid-for social posts.

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Crisis & issues

Protect your hard-won reputation by relying on highly experienced specialists to manage risk around potential threats and live issues 24/7/365.

Our support includes board-level advisory services, crisis press office, media training, risk audits, issues monitoring, sentiment tracking and impact assessments.

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Design and collateral

We ensure your proposition, products, services and brand narrative is articulated in a clear, credible and authentic way.

3c PR’s support includes delivering a wide range of branding, marketing/sales collateral, corporate literature and infographic assets.

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Social media

Enhance brand perception, generate leads and support stakeholder engagement by activating campaigns effectively on social channels.

Our support includes policy development, strategy & planning, content production, influencer outreach and community management.

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Rich media

Boost integrated campaigns with the creative use of audio, video and animation content.

3c PR’s support includes storyboarding, scripting, planning and managing everything from bite-sized online clips to corporate communications films.

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Direct engagement

Create new opportunities to engage your key stakeholders through marketing communications campaigns.

Our support includes delivering owned events, sponsorship activation, awards, speaking opportunities and activating partnerships or affiliations.

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Introduce optimised frameworks for data capture, marketing planning, activity management and campaign analytics.

3c PR’s support includes developing tailored models that combine owned, earned and paid channel data to create a single view of marketing communications performance.


3c PR was founded in 2014 by a former shareholding director and key member of the leadership team at the UK’s largest regional integrated PR agency.

The focus at 3c PR is on maintaining the capability and capacity to provide clients with the highest quality thinking, content & results.

Our dedicated, passionate and diligent team of senior professionals has a strong blend of skills and experience that spans sectors, content categories and marketing disciplines.

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Our approach

- We work alongside in-house teams, in partnership with existing agency networks or delivering full-service support within retained and project frameworks.

- Professionalised approach to insight, campaign planning/management & evaluation.

- Foster close working relationships that go above & beyond the brief.

- Open, honest consultancy & flexible SLA.


We are always on the lookout for experienced and enthusiastic professionals with the ability to operate at the highest level.

If that sounds like you, then email your details to careers@3c pr.co.uk.

Please view our CV privacy policy before you submit any details.


T: +44 (0)161 928 8886

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